Lisa Shutt Clinical Hypnotherapy


I offer a variety of services to my clients including treatment for...


The aim of hypnosis for low self-esteem is to identify patterns of negative thinking and subsequently encourage positive changes through the power of hypnotic suggestion.


HypnoSlimmer is for weight loss which can help you to return to the shape and size that you should be in a safe and natural way. I am fully trained in this weight loss hypnosis procedure.


Hypnotherapy can be used to relieve problems related to stress, fear and anxiety. It can also help you in coping with the symptoms that usually occur leading up to a panic attack.


Fears and phobias can successfully be overcome by hypnotherapy. Our subconscious brain is where phobias are created and, because they are irrational, they can often be dealt with effectively by way of hypnotherapy.


Hypnotherapy works by guiding the individual into a deep, relaxed state. During this time, the mind is more open to suggestion and change. At this point, the hypnotherapist makes suggestions, which will help you in changing your thought patterns and behaviours associated with smoking.


Having trouble sleeping? Hypnosis can be used as a powerful therapeutic tool in the fight against insomnia, with no side effects, and as an effective alternative to sleeping pills.


To arrange a consultation or treatment, give me a call or send me a message.

 Free consultation

FREE Consultation – Is Hypnotherapy for you? Book your FREE consultation to discuss your issues and find out more about Hypnotherapy. This is a telephone call where you can discuss your issues with me. Choosing your hypnotherapist is an important decision, you must feel comfortable and able to trust the person. Our relationship will be based on that trust and a partnership to help you reach your goals. Alternatively, if you prefer we can discuss by email.


Testimonials from satisfied customers

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Sara Nadine

"Earlier this year I came to see Lisa Shutt for some hypnotherapy. I was feeling very down and extremely anxious and was quite unable to function normally. After just one session with her. I noticed an immediate change. Firstly...I could once again sleep soundly and easily. Secondly...within a very short space of time I was able to cope with things that just a week or two before I was unable to. Her calming voice and ability to just know exactly what I needed is a very special thing. I have since had another session and will be booking in with her again. Thank you Lisa for helping me to get my life positive, beautiful and manageable again xx"

Seana Marie Laverick

"I was a trifle sceptical about hypnosis to be perfectly honest. Thought it would be a bit of a laugh....couldn’t have been more wrong. 
I was completely aware of Lisa talking to me the whole time and knew I could have woken up but I genuinely didn’t want to. I experienced so many intense emotions in such a short space of time - even though I was only “under” for about 35 minutes. I felt like I’d slept soundly for a week I felt so chilled out. 
If you have ever totes with this as a therapy all I can say is “do it”. Not sure what Lisa did but I am absolutely more relaxed, positive and confident in me as a person."

The hypnotherapy sessions I provide are available to clients  in all areas of Teesside including Billingham, Stockton, Middlesbrough, Hartlepool, Darlington, Thornaby and all surrounding regions or to anyone willing to travel for clinical hypnotherapy treatment.